To Be Or Not To Be…Employed


Words cannot even begin to describe just how faithful the Lord has been to me in the last few months, well, obviously He has been faithful my whole life but it has been in ridiculous & such obvious proportions as of lately! When I graduated & moved back to my home town He provided a couple seemingly random jobs, like working in a coffee shop at a baseball stadium random, and turned those things into such wonderful, character & trust-building experiences! God has never been short of astounding when it comes to providing for my needs through others, employment, and so much more. I am in awe of Him looking back on His provision in my life, the days when I had $2.98 in my bank account and an empty fridge & by some miracle that money lasted me over a week & a half without being hungry or without a meal once somehow. (Such a cool story, if you’re interested or ever bored message me or let’s get coffee & talk more!)

I’d like to fill you in on the current stage of provision that God is working in my life. Sooooo not only has He provided an amazing city, apartment, friends to live with, a beautiful new perspective of His creation, plenty of BBQ, an awesomely fantastic church family, but even more amazingly he has provided me with a job! Now, this job is not just any ordinary job, oh no, that is not how my God works, it is literally THEE MOST PERFECT of all jobs I could ever dream of for the current stage of life I am in! It is a job that I couldn’t describe before I was hired but realized shortly after it was EXACTLY what I was trying to glue together to discover and create! I had no idea this sort of job existed but I had the longing for it before it was even there! It sounds crazy, I know, and that’s because it is! Haha

So, how it came to be.

One day about 2 weeks ago, I was on my morning walk to Starbucks and I stumbled upon a local furniture store that had gone out of business that had been cleared out and finally shut down. Sad for the owners I stopped & peaked in for a look at the empty skeleton of a store that would be left over & I saw posters and signs up in the windows indicating new & fresh vibes were coming to this lonely cold warehouse of a building. Immediately upon reading the posters I couldn’t contain a squeal of excitement, because it was that amazing of an opportunity, & I knew what I was reading that was coming in wasn’t a coincidence in the least bit. The advertisements read that a new type of “Artisan Market” called “Create Space” was going to be coming to “The Loop” (the street where I live, it’s a very similar vibe to downtown Ventura or Old Town Pasadena). This market would open about a month from the date I stood and stared at the poster that read:

“‘Create Space’ is proud to bring the first and largest Artisan Market in the heart of the Delmar Loop. With over 30+ local Artists, Designers, Homemade & Handmade Craftmakers, and Specialty Food Makers, there is something for everyone.We are dedicated to engaging the creative and curious in St Louis with a unique experience where all participants can connect with their city. We love small businesses, and our mission is to foster creative entrepreneurship in our beautiful home of St Louis.”

Okay, totally NOT a big deal to normal people I know, however, if you personally know me you would understand that this is literally what I was BUILT to do & the environment I am dying to be in, especially here in a new city where I know a very select few people! I had been racking my brain the last few weeks about a job, deciding whether self-employment would be a possibility to continue doing in regards to my clothing business The Lovely Sewjourner. God literally brought the Lovely Sewjourner business to me out of what seems like NOWHERE, and has grown it and blossomed it into a financially-thriving hobby & professional occupation! It has completely provided for me, financially, for the last 6 months, and actually provided above and beyond, I have been so shocked and blessed. I love doing it, I love creating and utilizing my talents and artistic brain for the sake of the kingdom & bringing joy to others through providing them with custom made beautiful clothes! However lately, I have been seriously pondering whether it is the right fit for me. It has involved a LOT of staying at home, sewing, measuring, meticulousness, advertising myself and promoting the crap out of my good (which I am NOT a fan of) and some of those things were extremely hard for me. I am first and foremost the opposite of a home body, I like to be out and about, I would meet 23987346 new people every day working if I could! So this new business poised a serious dilemma and stunt in social life for me!

That’s exactly where this new job comes in. It is literally all of the best of all of the worlds I love! I will still get to create, use my artistic senses, and continue making clothing for The Lovely Sewjourner & expanding my line. I will have a small section of this lovely artisan market to promote and sell my little beauties, as well as I will be working as a retail associate in the new Create Space market full-time. This means meeting people! I won’t be trapped in the house filling etsy & online orders & simply sewing all day! I will be Socializing, working customer service, helping people find amazing handmade works of art that will brighten their soul and their day! And I get paid for it! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the store is a measly 5-minute jaunt from my apartment. This is truly a dream job, though it may sound quite simple to many and humble, I simply feel so uniquely blessed and special that God would hand-tailor such a job for me in the midst of such a hectic and busy world. Our Father in Heaven is FAR TOO kind and gracious, it just blows me away.


(This is similar to what it will look like)

So, Rest assured brothers & sisters, regardless of what stage of life you are in, what circumstances you are going through, what hurts or needs or wants you have, the Lord knows them and is currently and ALWAYS working those things out in His perfect timing. Though He may not seem like He’s answering them because you cannot hear Him directly, just have faith child, know that He always has your best in mind and knows when and what is not just “good” for your life, but what will be “the BEST” for you and for His kingdom.  He wants you to be happy, enjoying His beautiful creation & how He has gifted you as His individual child, not just for this day or tomorrow, but with eternity as the focus. God does care that you love your job, or “toil” as Scripture refers, He cares that you glorify Him in it, further His kingdom by it, and that simply, you love & enjoy & find satisfaction in it daily. He says there is nothing better than this.

Rest today in the promises of our Father and truth of Ecclesiastes 3:9-13:

9 “What do workers gain from their toil? 10 I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race.11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yeta no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 12 I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. 13 That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”

So, folks, Bless the Lord, Give Thanks For His provision, & Enjoy Long Life on the Earth doing His work!

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Here’s the address to my new fancy job!

“Create Space” — 6323 Delmar Blvd.
St Louis, MO, 63130

Visit Us
Fri- Sat: 11am- 10pm
  Sun: 11am- 6pm

We open this Friday! November 7 @ 5pm, & there will be a HUGE party! So come join us for music, food, great handmade goodies, coffee, awesome people, giveaways, and so much more!


Two Pollocks Hit St. Louis

Sooooo as many of you know, this old hag recently underwent a fairly significant life change, well, significant according to most normal people’s standards, I guess?


Those of you that know me know this isn’t that huge of a surprise coming from me, because I’m about as decisive as a bowl of fruit. Almost exactly 5 weeks ago I moved to the lovely city of St. Louis, Missouri. This was a decision that was about 8-9 months in the thinking/praying/working process. Like all things I set my mind to do, I had to make this move as long & tedious as possible, so I said hey, let me start a brand spanking new business before I leave, and also, let’s try to pack my entire life into a Ford Fusion, oh and then shove my 6-foot father in, as well. So, I packed my business (which included over 300 yards of fabric, a sewing machine, & more), my pops, almost my entire closet consisting of clothes I’ve had since 7th grade, and every other thing I could squeeze in those 4 doors.

 & We Were Off.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

The beginning of our drive was scenically drab to say the least, lots of dirt and Joshua trees, BUT, it did involve a visit to the first established Del Taco for what would be the last visit to any Del Taco in a while, to my demise. The next few hours were a treadmill of desert, lots of coffee, and solid laughter with my daddy.


We decided to take our sweet time in driving so we started off visiting a cool little Route 66 Town for a spectacular cup of coffee and cinnamon roll (which was not the last of the cinnamon rolls we would encounter).


Fueled up we ventured on to the magnificent Grand Canyon, which was both my dad’s and my first trip ever to the beloved landmark.It was truly amazing, we got there right around 6 o’clock so we got to sit on an overlook cliff and watch the sunset over such a gorgeous spot.



My favorite moment from the Canyon however, was my dad’s reaction; amongst the other travelers and hikers who were admiring the canyon for it’s “majesty” and exclaiming how “gorgeous” and “magnificent” such a work of earthly art was, my dad’s response was shockingly poetic, as well. This man’s response is most accurate & transparent, to which he gasped and remarked, “Man, that’s one BIG ASS HOLE!” (pardon the language but I just couldn’t help but share his unaltered, hilariously classic response). The man’s reactions are genuine, and he don’t change ‘em for nothing and no one.





After grabbing dinner at the Grand Canyon it was only about 8 o’clock so we decided to keep driving. So, I took the wheel and we drove through the gorgeous hills and mountains of Arizona and on into the smallest town ever imaginable. When we hit that town we could not find ONE SINGLE room available, in ANY of the nearest 10 hotels, so at midnight, I took the wheel yet again and we drove on to Utah, I kid you not. UTAH. The drive from that tiny town to our hotel in Utah was the longest 3 hour drive of my life, I was convinced someone was playing a terrible prank on us, and then finally we hit our drab, horror movie-type hotel with like 10 rooms total. I will tell you, no matter how many bed bugs were in that bed that night I didn’t care, I was so tired I welcomed the bed bugs. That night, after so much driving and even more, I felt like a baby sleeping on a cloud, being serenaded by a cherub with a harp.

The next morning we were much more jovial, so we filled our bellies with a free continental breakfast & I stuffed my pockets with 2 oranges, toast, & a banana, & we were off yet again! First stop, Zion National Park. Another location kind of out of our way on our journey, but, hey, if you know me or my dad you know we do whatever we want pretty much. We were there in no time flat really, and let me tell you, it surpassed any idea of what I was expecting Zion to be like. It was miles and miles of gorgeous marbled stone, rock, and tunnels carved into mountains on top of flowers galore, I was in heaven! We were both in awe and amazed at the views and I climbed on all kinds of random dangerous things, it was awesome, if you haven’t already, make sure you get there at some point in your life!











We ate breakfast right outside the park & got another FREE cinnamon roll, because my dad is well, quite frankly, the bees knees.



From then on we gave up our hopes of going to Yellowstone National Park, which was about 13 hours out of our way, and an at that point an extra 13 hours was even too far for these stubborn, fancy-free travelers. We will go soon though, do not be mistaken. So we drove and drove and drove, until we hit Colorado, & decided to be more organized with our hotel situation this time by calling and booking ahead. We moseyed our way through Colorado at our own speed, enjoying a fresh baked genuine-italian-made meat-lovers pizza, the snowy mountain caps, and an unbelievable sunset.



(Unfortunately I could not document the moment because I was driving)

            After listening to my dad complain about not being able to see Veil, Colorado due to the darkness that surrounded us, and convincing him that The Lone Bellow is the best band ever, we arrived to our hotel at Grand Junction, and was in a very nice hotel this night, thankfully. Again, though, my sleep would have not been hindered even if I slept on a rock with a potato for a pillow. So the next morning, yet again, with my pockets full of continental goodies, we were on the move again, hopefully for the last time on this trip! This day was probably the most uneventful travel-wise. If you’ve ever driven through Kansas you know EXACTLY what I mean by that. We did encounter a random fort, castle-looking building which we unintentionally received a tour of by “Sister Martha”, a kindly Jehovah’s witness with a cane who forced us into what she said would be a “speedy tour”, but was most definitely not, because like I said, she walked with a cane and had an agenda, if you know what I mean. What we thought was a castle was actually the home of Joseph Smith, and a fort built to protect the witnesses against the Native Americans back in the day. Who’d a thunk it?


After our only stop in rural Kansas at the “Ghost Bathrooms” which were spooky indeed, mostly smell-wise, we decided Kansas had no more stops for us (sorry all you Kansas-ians). Finally out of Kansas, which seemed impossible at the time, we hit Missouri! Yahoo! We were sooooo close! BUT WAIT…..We looked at the map and still had to drive ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE STATE OF MISSOURI until we hit St. Louis. Awesome. Luckily, St. Louis had a lot more to offer in view and variety than St. Louis, as well as great jerky & the beckoning of the end of being crammed in a car! So finally, we saw our first St. Louis sign, and were there in no time, whislt getting to experience one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever witnessed!



When we finally arrived at my new apartment I was never more happy to get out of a car & kiss the dirty city concrete on which I stood! First order of business was to get GOOD FOOD inside our bellies, because we were tired & hungry & thankful to be able to move our legs & have a homey, personal toilet.

photo 2

It was so sweet to arrive, after driving over 1,800 miles, to be reunited with my best friends and meeting a brand spanking new bestie, who I also like to call my mister, friends, meet my new St. Louis significant other, the “Pizza Nacho” from Cisero’s Italian Restaurant which is less than 800 feet from our apartment. Which we went back to get multiple times within the first 2 weeks of my presence. They make you Praise the Lord, indeed.


All in all, it was probably the best road trip I’ve ever encountered in my life, not just because of the scenic snowy peaks of Colorado, or the picturesque sunset overlooking the Grand Canyon (aka that “bigg a$$ hole”) but truly, it was all thanks to my wonderful fodder man. The guy is truly a gem, driving my whiney butt all the way from California to the foreign land of “Misery”, granted it did take me over a month to physically get him IN THE CAR, it was worth every day. It couldn’t have been more perfect and unforgettable. So dad, even though I know you can’t read so you’ll probably never read this, thanks a trajillion, I will forever appreciate every cuppa’ joe, conversation, laugh, sarcastic remark, & mean banter we shared in. Love you old man. And if at least 1 person made it all the way through this post, thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed the adventures of these 2 pollocks!

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It’s a Lovely Day for a Q & A

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 8.53.02 PM

My beautiful friend & blogger, Lauren Heffner, recently asked me to do a Question & Answer feature on her blog as advice and  the following Q & A session on her own life/DIY/cooking blog and I could not be more thrilled as to how it turned out.

Go check out her wonderful blog at I promise you will NOT be sorry. She has everything you can think of, from sewing tutorials to how to make whole meals for under $25.

She also has a beautiful Etsy shop here :

You Can Find The Full Q & A Session We Did Here!

Enjoy! & Thanks a trajillion Lauren!

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Who Dat, Who Dat?

       Kick off your Birkenstocks and stay awhile why don’t you? My name is Lexi Petelski and I’m the seamstress/seller/owner of “The Lovely Sewjourner”! Go to to check out what that means!
       I am a adventurer, I have most commonly been characterized as “zany” & having a “zest for life”. I love all things floral, chocolate, and bohemian. Sunflowers & cinnamon rolls, & gorilla chips are my biggest kryptonite. I CANNOT go a day without my Bible and coffee. Traveling is a MUST, I dabble in photography, music, and have 7 million things going on at all times. I love to stay busy, involved, and cannot stand going a day without creating or imagining. I love meeting new people and adventuring, so if you have any favorite hikes/coffee shops/blogs/stores/beaches, ANYTHING favorite, shoot me an email so I can make a stop & pop in! 
       I make each and every product by hand, with all the love and imagination I can muster, therefore EVERY “Lovely Sewjourner” product is a one-of-a-kind piece. No two kimonos, blouses, or dresses are the same.
       I also take custom orders as well, so that we can best attire you for whatever adventures, sojourns, and wanderings may be coming your way. My only aim is to please you, our friends, and provide you with the proper attire to explore the world, care-free, comfortable, and darn good looking. This is a blog I started to chronicle both professional and personal fun that is thrown my way, for any who are interested or are just bored and have nothing better to do ;P Hope you enjoy!
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